“Minimalist entry”

An entryway can say a lot about a home. It can be a clear reflection of your preferred choice of interior and how you choose to style your home. Think of an entryway as a first impression; it matters! It’s the first impression someone gets of your home, the first piece of interior they see. It’s not just a place where you hang your coats, leave your shoes and drop off your purse. It’s an important part of your living space and should be honored as such. A wonderful way to decorate an entryway is to keep it clean and minimal.

The design of an entry should also combine no more than two colors. You can take as a basis white, beige or milk. As for furniture, it is better to choose a functional wardrobe for outerwear and a shelf of regular geometric shape for shoes. To visually expand the space, you can purchse furniture with a mirror surface.


The minimalist entry interior involves diffused lighting coming from the lamps merging with the furnishings.


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