“Living room and bedroom in minimalist style”

Minimalist living room:

Minimalistic living rooms are the best in modern design as they bring the luxury of understated elegance to everyday life. With the right design, you will get a room with a positive, bright energy. Usually, for decorating the living room you can use classic shades: black, white, beige and gray. It is also permissible to introduce bursts of bold shades such as orange, red and green.



The interior design of the living room in the style of minimalism should be thought out to the smallest detail. It should harmoniously combine open space, rigorous forms, and functionality. Proper lighting is an important element of the living room. Large windows provide plenty of light, making your living room more visually large. TV is better to install on the wall while cabinets should be built-in. Also, pay attention to items with flat reflective surfaces. Furniture for the living room in the style of minimalism (sofa, chairs, coffee table) should have geometric shapes and smooth silhouettes.



Bedroom in minimalist style:

The perfect design of the bedroom involves a spacious room in which there is a lot of sunlight. It is advisable to choose calm, warm shades. There are combinations of lilac and beige, as well as gray and white. You can put a solid carpet on the floor.



The bed in minimalist style has a laconic form. Designers advise giving preference to a wide bed with a wooden headboard. Next to it, functional tables, on which lamps can be placed, will look good. Massive pot with live plants will be also appropriate.



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