“An essential guide to creating a stylish all-white interior”

Choose your white:

Grey (cool) whites. Pale grey can seem a little cold for interiors but, with the right warm or bright accessories, it looks sensational. Try it in a bedroom or living space with accessories in terracotta or sand, or swampy and khaki greens.

Yellow (warm) whites can range from rich, buttery creams to subtle, fleecy whites. These are particularly good for south-facing rooms or those with lots of reflected green from trees or plants. Warm and aged whites are often best for older homes with character details and trims.

Green (in-between) whites tend to change with the light, appearing warm one minute and cool the next. Because green is made up of blue (traditionally a cool colour) and yellow (a warm one), these green-based whites have the ability to morph with the mood.



All-white styling:

When it comes to styling your home, adding tonal white furnishings will add dimension to a space and give it a sense of being lived-in and loved. A white or off-white sofa will come to life with a collection of textured cushions and a throw. A snowy armchair will seem more inviting with a sheepskin or hide draped over it.

Aim for a mixture of accessories in both white and natural finishes. Baskets in wire or rattan, textured vessels, picture frames, decorative pieces such as coral or crystal, wooden stools or stumps, and lamps with textured bases or lampshades are all good items to use in your white space.



If a rug is required, look for something in a natural material such as jute or a textured style such as a shag pile. In bedrooms, a wooden or leather headboard and natural linen bedding are great options. Once again, add cushions and throws with textured elements such as tassels and chunky knits to create a serene yet cozy bed you’ll want to lounge in all day.

And as always, don’t forget to add indoor plants – our leafy friends have the power to make any space come alive.


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